Episode 6

Published on:

9th Feb 2021

#6 BONUS Episode "Twisted Tea, Man"

We all know that the world we live in is pretty screwed up... In this episode we give our take on a fairly recent event in the United States... We talk about Twisted Tea and the wide spread video of a racist getting slammed in the face with a Twisted Tea can in a convenient store. If you haven't seen the video, google it, it's a sad yet beautiful story about a jerk who gets a deserving hit to the face.

Then, our Spin of the Week, where this time we actually listened to each others respective albums to hopefully bring the conversation to another level... and, well, getting on that next level.. is a work in progress.

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Punch Drunk Vinyl
Music? Booze? Depression? We talk about that stuff.
Two dudes discuss vinyl music, booze and living with their overwhelming anxiety.
We are the type of guys you hang out with for the conversation. We'll sit around and talk about anything from music and drinking to depression and crippling anxiety, all without realizing we've just laughed or cried half our day away.
In this podcast we bring you in on those conversations because, well we're gonna have them anyway.
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Rylan Shaeffer

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I've always enjoyed finding new music and loves all types, whether it's a specific band or type bourbon, i'm the type of person that once i'm into something, I dive all the way in, exploring the full spectrum of whatever peaks my interest. I'm A long time geek (who built Dragonball Z fan-sites as a teen) and drunken music lover who enjoys talking endlessly about whatever happens in life with whomever wants to join the conversation.

Wes Ivers

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Simple man, single dad, marathon runner, vinyl and PBR enthusiast.